Premier and Texas Health collaborated on several, well-attended regional open houses in Q1. We would like to thank Premier partner physicians as well as Texas Health physicians and administrators for coming together to kick-off our partnership and essential programs.

  • Expect collaboration improvements between Premier Hospitalists, partner physicians and post-acute care providers to even better ensure that patients will remain within our circle of care during all transitions from acute to post-acute care.
  • A groundbreaking pilot is underway at key Texas Health locations that will result in Premier Hospitalists being notified immediately when a Premier beneficiary presents in the Emergency Department. This will allow Premier Hospitalists to intervene to begin care management before admission and to inform and consult with primary physicians at this critical juncture.
  • 360Capture and 360Analytics engines are being optimized to track patient steps through the entire continuum of care, including new functionality to inform primary physicians whenever a patient presents at the ER, or is admitted or transitioned between care settings.

To further promote the program, and improve adoption, Premier hospitalists will be meeting individually with ACO partner physicians over the next several months. We strongly encourage our partner physicians to become familiar with your regional hospitalist and the many benefits of the Texas Health collaboration. By directing all voluntary admissions to an appropriate Texas Health facility, and by collaborating with your regional hospitalist through Premier 360, you’ll be ensuring better care and outcomes for your beneficiaries.