Our Physician Promise

Connecting you with better outcomes on all fronts

By Physicians for Physicians

Every Premier Physician Group program and process is designed by physicians for physicians with patients in mind. We’ll provide you with the tools, resources and opportunities that will help you build a strong, successful practice while freeing you to focus more care and attention on your patients.

Hospitalist Program Enables Better Care


Higher Efficiency

Our hospitalists work as part of our caregiving team – with you as the quarterback. With access to patient records and history through or central system, hospitalists deploy with background and details they need to efficiently triage incoming patients and promptly begin the best course of treatment.

Better Coordination

PPG Partners are committed to working together to provide a seamless healthcare experience to patients and physicians alike. Our technology resources and programs help to ensure efficient, mindful, effective collaboration and communication at every point of care.

Patient Safety

Our coordinated care model and dedicated hospitalists ensure that your patients are mindfully and safely transitioned across every necessary care setting. Whether obtaining care from a hospital or post-acute facility or being transitioned back to you, their primary physician, patients never leave our circle of care.

Consistent Accessibility

Our hospitalist program ensures that a Premier Partner Physician is readily available to patients across the entire care continuum. When patients are in the hospital and are unable to see you as their primary physician, our hospitalists are there, serving as an extension of your practice, providing dedicated service and care on your behalf.

Programs & Services


The number one goal of our hospitalist program is seamless, outstanding patient care. By working with like-minded partner providers we can provide highly-coordinated care and focus on creating measurable improvements within the hospital setting. Our hospitalist program ensures that a Premier Partner Physician is readily available to care for patients across the entire care continuum.



We believe that mental health is as critical to patient well-being and recovery as their physical health, and yet mental health needs often go unaddressed. Our goal is to ensure that every patient receives compassionate, respectful healthcare that addresses the root mental and physical causes of illness, leading to better patient outcomes and quality of life.


Support Services

We strive to provide the resources and support that our physicians need to reach their full potential. Our value-added programs provide additional staff and resources at partner physician practices, freeing them to focus on patient care and wellness. Physician support programs include: Extender program, Home Health, Chronic Care Management program and programs for successful Medicare Annual Wellness Visits and Quality reporting.

ER Services

Premier’s emergency room services ensure that your facility operates effectively and efficiently.  With the ultimate goal of quality care and patient satisfaction in mind, we work closely with clients to provide them with the latest healthcare technology, efficient processes and sustainable solutions while maximizing resources and reducing costs. 

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