Premier Patient Healthcareâ„¢ (Premier) is excited to announce the launch of our groundbreaking Texas Health Resources (Texas Health) collaboration. This initiative will provide a redesigned care process that aims to improve health outcomes for Medicare patients through quality, coordinated care.

Why utilize Premier Hospitalists at Texas Health Hospitals?

Premier and Texas Health are committed to providing a seamless, outstanding experience for patients and physicians. Through this program, your patients receive highly coordinated care. This leads to a better service experience, better care outcomes and improved quality of life for each patient.

The program also works to improve hospital efficiencies. By focusing on quality care and service, Texas Health hospitals and Premier hospitalists collaborate continually to provide patients with a safe, mindful transition from hospital to home.

Whether obtaining care from a hospital or post-acute facility or being transitioned back to you, their primary physician, patients remain in our circle of care. This will dramatically reduce the instances of avoidable readmission, helping patients live healthier lives at home, while controlling costs and generating more shared savings for you and your practice.