Who We Are

Physician-owned, Physician-led, Patient-centered
Our Mission
Premier Physician Group (PPG) is a first if its kind not-for-profit collaboration between the Premier Management Company family of independent physician organizations and leading hospital and ancillary providers within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolis. PPG provides tools and support to local physicians that are designed to improve clinical care and quality of life for our mutual patients.
At PPG, we will strive to be a lasting beacon of quality care by fulfilling ever-increasing clinical needs, coordinating the delivery of care, introducing and aligning new service lines, lifting operational burdens, and supporting the ongoing well-being of our community of independent physicians and patients.
Our Purpose

We will create and sustain a thriving healthcare organization that promotes successful, independent physicians, strengthens the patient-physician relationship and improves patient satisfaction and healthcare outcomes through quality, compassionate, coordinated care.

Our Difference

Better Coordination

PPG Partners are committed to working together to provide a seamless healthcare experience to patients and physicians alike. Our technology resources and programs help to ensure efficient, mindful, effective collaboration and communication at every point of care.

Proven Care Model

Premier Physician Group’s care model is built upon the proven foundation of Premier Patient HealthCare ACO, one that creates better care and outcomes for patients while organically controlling costs. Our care model helps physicians to work smarter, not harder, and provides the tools and resources needed to nurture healthier patients and thriving practices.


Our platform is built for continual, measured and sustainable growth within an ever-changing healthcare landscape. Our unity and focus gives us strength, empowering us to uphold patients and physicians and ensuring the future of quality, affordable care in North Texas.

Patient Satisfaction

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service and care to patients across all care settings. Whether obtaining care from a primary physician practice, hospital or transitional care facility, patients will enjoy the security and peace of mind that comes from being part of our dedicated circle of care.
To help independent physicians thrive in a changing world through meaningful technologies, programs and relationships that work in tandem to improve care and outcomes, strengthen patient-physician relationships and organically reduce costs.
Our Mission

Premier Patient Healthcare Physician Group



The 360 technology suite incorporates powerful predictive analytics tools from iMorpheus™ and Johns Hopkins to provide physicians and patients alike a guided path to better health and wellness. Premier360 takes previously inaccessible lab and utilization data and extrapolates real-time, achievable action plans to help physicians concentrate on patients who need extra care.


Our comprehensive software for population health also includes an intuitive, powerful module to help simplify and facilitate billing. By using 360Capture physicians can spend significantly less time with billing – freeing them to spend more time and energy on patient care.


Our 360Dashboard gives physicians a powerful tool for monitoring practice and patient status. It notifies physicians of hospital admissions and tracks length of stay as well as connects physicians and patients to high-risk patient care coordination and case management resources.
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